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flower girl and junior bridesmaid's luxury dress

"By the silver traces they leave behind them,
Fairy dust of our everyday,
Of their crystalline laughter finally comes the magic of this day."

Anne Vianand designed these models for impish and genuine flower girls, as well as dreamy, discret or romantic ones, but always elegant, feminine and sophisticated.
From its Mediterranean origins she keeps in heart the shimmering sea, the wind playing with clouds, the summer blinding sun and the spring poppy's fields. Inspired by modern architecture, where immaculate white structures appears, thanks to the game of light and shadow, she crafts the material to reveal its texture, shine or depth.

flower girl and junior bridesmaid collection

In her flower girl collection Anne Vianand creates modern and refined special occasions’ outfits. This range will perfectly fit your prestigious events, for bridesmaids at your wedding, as well as for a special events where your child will be honored. Those garments, specially adapted for little girls and juniors, elegantly combine a delicate and feminine style with the essential comfort of a child’s clothing. In order to best meet our exceptional clientele, our workshop can tailor each outfit to the child’s measurements, or customize it according to the specific needs of the event.

You can see the details and the composition of each model by visiting our e-shop here.

For any specific question or request, please use the contact form.